Art Procession performatively rendered the routine movement of student curators and works of art between our classroom at the University of Victoria's (UVic) Legacy Gallery and the ACCESS Health building on Johnson Street between 2010 and 2012. During this two-year period, I worked with about twenty students and both gallery and health clinic staff to design an installation of more than forty works of art for the Cool Aid Community Health Services Clinics at their new home at the ACCESS Health building on Johnson Street. On March 21, 2012 we retraced our usual path between the two sites, carrying reproductions of the art installed in the clinics from the Legacy Gallery to the ACCESS Health building. Art Procession exhibition was designed to activate the space between our two places of work, vivifying what James Meyer has referred to as a “functional site.” By setting the art in motion, we also reconfigured our relationship to the images and to the streets of Victoria.

University of Victoria Crests

Carolyn Butler Palmer
Williams Legacy Chair
History in Art Department
University of Victoria


Map of our route

Our route began at the Legacy Gallery located at 630 Yates St. and finished at the Access Health Centre located at 713 Johnson St.

Map of Art Procession Route










Photos of the Procession and Images Carried