Erin Lofting

Mayhew's Coast SpiritErin Lofting graduated from the University of Victoria’s department of Pacific and Asian Studies, and worked with Dr. Carolyn Butler Palmer in the summer of 2012. She assisted Dr. Butler Palmer’s research into the life and works of Atomi Gyokushi and Elizabeth Duer by making Japanese to English language translations of research material, as well as English to Japanese translations for Dr. Butler Palmer’s website. The Duer family was one of the earliest culturally-mixed families in Japan. Through her work with Dr. Butler Palmer, Erin gained experience finding solutions to the challenges translations present, and insight into the lives of prominent Japanese artists from the Meiji era (1868-1912) into the years of World War II. As an aspiring researcher and translator, Erin was honored to be part of this interesting and important project. Erin’s previous translations include folktales from Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, and Terayama Shūji’s avant-garde radio plays. Her research interests are Japanese folklore, literature and drama, and the historic context and influence of Japanese folklore studies. Erin plans to begin graduate studies in 2013.