Gareth Clayton

Mayhew's Coast SpiritGareth Clayton was employed as research assistant for The Williams Legacy Chair during his MA studies in the department of History in Art. Through this role he recorded and transcribed interviews with local Victoria artists and individuals who are associated with the Michael William’s bequest. These oral history records were bolstered with visual, textual and historical research. Gareth was also involved in instating protocols and good practices for the continuation and future recording of interviews and oral histories.

The Williams Legacy Project bears considerable similarities with his own research including a significant focus on the use of oral narratives and the study of Canadian First Nations Art. Gareth found the research position within the Williams Legacy Project incredibly fulfilling and developed a great range of skills through the preparation for, recording and transcription of interviews with a great range of personalities. Gareth found that through one-on-one interactions with his interviewees, their individual perspectives invigorated the research in ways that traditional scholarly work simply could not provide.