Kaitlyn Webb Patience

Mayhew's Coast SpiritKaitlyn Webb Patience worked for Professor Carolyn Butler Palmer in the fall and winter of 2009/2010. Under her tutelage, Kaitlyn assisted in the organization of a first year graduate art history course, worked with the University Art Collections to install Michael William's bequest artwork in the local Access Health Centre, and assisted her students in the development of a student curated art exhibition entitled "Regarding Wealth." It was through Carolyn's courses, and in her Research Assistant role that Kaitlyn was able to fine tune her curatorial and exhibition planning skills for the future. Carolyn also acted as Supervisor in the development of Kaitlyn's final research paper entitled "Hysterical Spaces: Curatorship and Meaning in the Traveling Exhibition: A Case Study of the National Gallery of Canada’s 'Hysteria and the Body'". Since leaving UVic, Kaitlyn has worked in a number of galleries, including The Gallery at Mattick's Farm, The Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria Emerging Art Gallery and the Ted Harrison Studio. Each position has allowed her to expand upon the foundation of knowledge implemented in her graduate courses with Carolyn Butler Palmer.