The Dental Clinic (2011-2012)

We started work on the dental clinic in the fall of 2012. Using the remaining images from the initial image list, we used the same system of consultation and 3D software. We had learned much about aesthetic sensibilities from our work in the medical clinic (though one image of a conch shell was found to be too “teethy”). We hoped to create a sense of visual cohesion between the two clinics, which led them eventually to replace the labels in the medical clinic to match those chosen for the dental clinic. We chose a serigraph Fish Wall by Pat George for the dental clinic’s lunchroom to compliment another serigraph by George, Who’s Fooling Who, installed in medical clinic’s lunch room. We also found a happy home for the itinerant “pink” image.

As our plans for the community dental clinic got underway, we conceived an investigation of community for the Legacy Gallery site. “On Communities and Nations” (2012), which drew more than 900 visitors, examined the relationship between art and diverse forms of community.

Installation Plan for Cool Aid Community Health Clinic.
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Access Health Centre, Dental Clinic Floor Plan Pat George, Fish Wall Challenge Poster Echo Canyon, Courtney Milne Chaco Canyon, Courtney Milne Text Panel, Dental Clinic Skyhole, Courtney Milne Avebury, Courtney Milne For Alen Wallin, Gordon Smith Birthplace of the Hula, Courtney Milne Machu Picchu, Courtney Milne Bryce Canyon, Courtney Milne Three Rivers, Courtney Milne "Untitled", Fuo Syn Choon "Art-a-Fair", Avis Rasmussen Moose Mountain, Courtney Milne